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I help leaders tackle the most thought-provoking question of our time: why the work of free markets, fast companies and free agents fails to satisfy. I help businesses combine agility with deep value.

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I call my approach: strategic thinking

Businesses today teem with brilliant analysts churning out data and hyperactive creatives dreaming up new inventions. The one thing they lack is truth.

Most of us have experienced in our private lives how a flash of truth can turn the world upside down. Just occasionally in business, we are also jolted out of the everyday and propelled into the extraordinary. This experience, philosophers call true thinking. It is this kind of thinking that I bring to businesses, this kind of reward I work to achieve.

I work closely with leaders to separate empty facts from richer sources of worth. I then help them to put their best strategic thinking into practical effect in new offerings, new cultures and new businesses.

What they’re saying

When it comes to developing innovative strategies, Matthew is the person I turn to first. He combines wide research with careful analysis of both market conditions and of the competencies and cares of leaders. His cutting-edge work delivers ethical and cultural innovations where people inside companies and their customers see themselves on a righteous mission. That zeal makes the strategies Matthew develops unstoppable.

Charles Spinosa, Group Director VISION Consulting and author of Disclosing New Worlds.

I have worked with Matthew for more than ten years and have always found his consulting challenging, insightful, and action oriented.

In April 2013 I was appointed Group CEO of Impellam Group plc, moving from a Divisional CEO role.

Matthew worked closely with me in the early months to help me identify the defining issues facing the Group in order to set our strategy. Subsequently he has supported me in implementing the strategy through a promise based performance management and governance framework. Latterly he also led an initiative to develop our Top 50 leaders to become inspirational, high integrity leaders.

When I was appointed, and began working with Matthew, our share price stood at £3.83. It is now £8.40.

Julia Robertson, Group Chief Executive, Impellam PLC

Keeping things simple is the hallmark of Matt’s ability. His approach is to develop a clear and simple strategy to achieve strategic objectives. By using such an approach it helped me and the team to distil opportunities and then develop plans to go for opportunities and make tangible and sustainable savings. The culture change in the team is visible, the team players' actions are akin to what a strong customer will request, remain with the performer until commitment-based delivery (on time and under budget) is delivered by the performer. The key to the success has been a clear and simple strategy, converting that strategy into simple processes where roles and responsibilities are clear, and the adoption and practising of established signature practices as per the agreed process.

Chandra Trikha, Director of Performance, SSE