About me

Since the 1990s, I have been working with senior leaders inventing new ways of running major companies to provide both agility and meaningful value.

In 2013, following roles as Director at two of the world's leading transformational change consultancies, Harthill and VISION Consulting, I set up Matthew Hancocks Strategic Thinking to pursue the specialised approach I have developed.

I provide a deeply personal and challenging approach that suits senior leaders looking for a strategic consultant who does more than act as their mirror. For large-scale projects, I continue to partner with both VISION and Harthill for specialist commitment-based business design, strategy execution and leadership development.

I draw on three sets of leading-edge consulting skills to create deep insight and act upon it quickly.

  1. Focal practice research uncovers the sources of worth in the current world and opens unseen possibilities for new, meaningful value.
  2. Dynamic skills-based leadership development ensures the optimal environment for leaders to perform at their best.
  3. Commitment-based strategy moves strategic insight into results fast.

Based in the UK and working globally, I offer three, nine and twenty-four month engagements to create a new vision of value, pilot new propositions, and transform cultures to sustain the new value.