I help CEOs tackle the most thought-provoking challenge of our time: how to create meaningful, long-term value in the midst of chaos. Agile management has had its day. The truly outstanding leaders of the 2020s will be the history-makers.

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Today’s organisations place extraordinary demands on their leaders, and the pandemic crisis has increased that pressure, creating new threats and opportunities that are often difficult to identify.

I help talented CEOs and other senior leaders face up to these complex challenges. There are many capable leaders out there who understand the analytical, knowledge-based or visionary strategies that worked in the stable, pre-pandemic world. And there are increasing numbers of leaders who are skilled in the agile strategies that have enabled them to cope with the volatility of the pandemic. I enable my clients to do something far more impressive. The people I work with develop their leadership to a level that creates masterpieces and makes history.

What makes me different? Most strategy consultants can show you how to master analysis and vision to lead like other business executives. The most contemporary consultants will help you become agile virtuosos able to continually reinvent yourself and your organisation and side-step mind traps, constraining habits and blind spots.

Yet all of these approaches impoverish the meaningfulness of work life.

Few strategists have hands-on experience of the everyday work of their companies. Analysts get lost in data. Visionaries become grandiose or dogmatic. Agile virtuosos lose their centre in their fervour for flexibility.

I believe that the outstanding CEOs of this new decade will be the ‘history-makers’ – leaders who change our sense of who we are and what matters most. History-makers bring about positive transformation for everyone around them by grasping what others are unable to see. Could you be one of them?

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What they’re saying

Keeping things simple is the hallmark of Matt’s ability. His approach is to develop a clear and simple strategy to achieve strategic objectives. By using such an approach it helped me and the team to distil opportunities and then develop plans to go for opportunities and make tangible and sustainable savings. The culture change in the team is visible. The team players' actions are akin to what a strong customer will request, and remain with the performer until commitment-based delivery (on time and under budget) is delivered by the performer. The key to the success has been a clear and simple strategy, converting that strategy into simple processes where roles and responsibilities are clear, and the adoption and practising of established signature practices as per the agreed process.

Chandra Trikha, Director of Performance, SSE