In 2021, I’ll be launching a "community of inquiry" for a small number of experienced business strategists to explore the emerging ethical frontier of strategy: how to build a business that responds to historical crises by building new ethical and economic value? If you are already skilled in classic and new strategy approaches - whether visionary, craft, analytical, or agile - but beginning to experience their limitations, then this community could be for you.

If you join me on Ethical Know-How for Strategy, you will join a community of concerned peers who are reinventing their own strategy practice to handle the downsides of orthodox strategic management. Our approach will be one of collaborative and developmental action inquiry into our own strategic practices. Our intention will be to promote strategy that contributes to human flourishing balanced across three dimensions of rationality:

• First-personal claims - contributing the ongoing integrity and development of our own way of being of a strategist.

• Second-person claims - maintaining and enhancing the mutuality of relationship that respects the agency of others including non-human others.

• Third-person claims - caring for the ongoingly emerging but commanding presence of the cultural and natural world.

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History-making is not for everyone. Contact me here to arrange a time to learn more about history-making and discuss what it could make possible for you and your organisation.