I offer two services. One achieves a rapid transformation of your organisation to put you several steps ahead of the competition. The second is an ongoing coaching service to develop your skills as a CEO with the ability to make history.

My most effective work combines the two services in bespoke, mission-driven leadership projects that create step changes in performance, along with individual and team development.

1 Missions That Matter

This programme will enable you to identify the fundamental threat faced by your organisation, your competitors and your marketplace. Reaching far beyond the limitations of hackneyed agile strategies, we will draw on your historical identity to make sense of the world ahead. I will then help you to create the practical commitment required to address that challenge, develop genuine meaningfulness in your organisation and transform your future for the better.

Missions That Matter is typically an eight to twelve-week project working with you as CEO and an extended leadership team from your organisation. This is not about achieving a simple goal, which tends to be a quantitative process, and it’s not about creating an idealistic vision. It’s a programme for forward-looking CEOs prepared to embrace the transformational mission that will create your business masterpiece.

2 Leadership Beyond Virtuosity

This a mentoring programme for mature, practical leaders who are already very good at knowing the right thing to do – people that I call virtuoso CEOs. What I can help you do is to take the next step and become a history-making CEO, breaking new ground, understanding moral risk, and transforming hidden threats into inspirational opportunities that most would fail to grasp. The skills of the history-making CEO are what organisations – and the world – need more than ever in the COVID-19 era.

I introduce executives to five individual capabilities, and coach them not only to put those capabilities into practice but to master them:

• Learn the building blocks of organizational reality
Master the fundamental building blocks that underpin all commercial relationships, strategic business models, organizational designs and industrial structures.

• Reveal your own organizational reality
Using those fundamental building blocks, develop the highest levels of reflective judgment to uncover how your organization really works, what matters most to your people (and everyone you affect), and understand the ways in which ‘what matters’ is changing as the world changes.

• Think creatively
Uncover and build bridges across the deep differences that exist between different stakeholders inside and outside your organization.

• Make fierce sacrifices and transform commitments
Agree the key issues that you must address if your organization is to prosper economically and deliver its mission. Identify and embrace the risky commitments you will need to re-align your organization.

• Navigate power
Design the conversations, relationships and politics you will need as you tell truth to power and develop and execute your strategy.

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